Hi! I'm LeeAnn Sanders.

I am an artist,illustrator and surface pattern designer that lives and works in South Dakota and the Florida Keys. Welcome to my creative life. I spend most days creating images on my computer or in watercolors that reflect my rather easygoing outlook on life and my love for the sea.  My inspirations are the things I see and the people I meet on my travels and my time spent in the Florida Keys. I love to portray the beauty and fun I find everyday in life, and much of my work is full of color and whimsy.  I would love to invite you into this happy world by making my work available to retailers, manufacturers and individuals who need that spark of joy for their products or in their lives. I would love to work with you on your project. Contact me at lasanders49@gmail.com to get started.

Those two beauties next to me are my buddies, Maverick and Sarge.

All designs and images are Copyright © 2019-2022 LeeAnn Sanders. All Rights Reserved. All art and images may not be used in any way without express permission.
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